Provisioning an Apache server with Dockers and Vagrant

At the end of this blog we will provision a server with vagrant and run apache in a docker container. To understand dockers, visit You can »

Scalable API Service in AWS, using Mongo DB


Connecting to Open VPN server from iOS device

To connect iOS device to Open VPN server we need Open VPN app Open VPN setting file (client.ovpn) Client Certificate CA Certificate (if its self signed) Install Open VPN »

WordPress on AWS

In this blog I am going to cover the step by step instructions to host your own WordPress blog in AWS. Hosting your own blog has some advantages, you can »

Installing Oracle Java 7 and Tomcat 7 on Ubuntu 13

Setting up a new Ubuntu server with Java 7 & Tomcat 7 seems to be trivial, but often I had to do it at my workplace and everytime I had »

Spring Cache abstraction using Ehcache

In this article, we will see how to use EhCahce with Spring Cache abstraction. Refer for using EhCache’s own annotations. The advantage of »

SSH into Ubuntu in Virtual Box

Change the Network Adapter as "Bridge Adapter" and start the Ubuntu VM. Once logged in get the ip of the machine using ifconfig command, in this case the ip is »

Overview of Microstrategy features

In my previous blog Microstrategy 9 Installation on a new Windows 2008 server we looked at installing the MSTR. Here let's look at the features we installed. Below is the »

Microstrategy 9 Installation on a new Windows 2008 server

Since my customer has decided to go with the Microstrategy(MSTR) as analytics and reporting tool, I got curious about this tool and wanted to know more on its capabilities »